Bike Accidents

With the ever-increasing number of bikes on the streets, the chances of an accident occurring with bike involvement, continues to rise. In Washington, DC, the city now offers dedicated lanes and bike-share campaign which adds more bikes to the city's streets. The bike-share endeavor has been replicated in neighboring areas, including parts of Maryland and Virginia.

The law regarding bikes on the road is simple. Those operating a bicycle on the road have the same rights and responsibilities as operators of motor vehicles. The only difference is that when a car or tuck driver is negligent, and a bicyclist is injured, the injuries are likely to be severe, as there is virtually no protection for the bike rider and his or her passenger (if any).

There are a number of intersections in the Washington, DC area ranked in or near the top, in terms of how dangerous those intersections are to bicyclists. When riding a bike, always be alert, wear bright reflective clothing and a helmet, and use a light. If you're injured while riding bike your bike, please do not delay in calling experienced bicycle and personal injury lawyer Roger Gelb.