Birth Injuries

There are a myriad of birth related tort claims which may be pursued. The following are some of the more common birth injuries:

  1. the wrongful death of the mother
  2. the wrongful death of the child
  3. the wrongful birth of the child
  4. bone fractures
  5. fetal distress
  6. hypoxia
  7. uterine ruptures
  8. preeclampsia
  9. erb's palsy
  10. c-section mistakes
  11. cerebral palsy

Gelb & Gelb, P.C. works with a number of physicians who may assist in reviewing the medical records of those involved to determine whether "within a reasonable degree of medical certainty" their was a mistake that caused the injury. Although the cost and time involved in pursuing these types of claims is considerable, the damages are often catastrophic, and deserve to be addressed by a competent, experienced birth injury lawyer. Please call attorney Roger Gelb today.