Burn Cases

Whether a burn is the result of heat, cold, electricity, chemicals, friction or radiation, if it was caused by another party's negligence, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Of course, how bad a particular burn is, categorized by "degree." For example, a first-degree burn is typically considered superficial, while fourth-degree burn not only causes significant injury to the skin, but also causes damage to the bone, and muscles or tendons.

By far, the greatest number of burn cases are caused by fire; those cases number in the tens of millions each year in the United States, and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. The vast majority of fires are preventable. Most injuries and deaths caused by home fires, are avoidable simply by making sure working smoke detectors are available, and indoor sprinklers systems in commercial space and apartment buildings.

Treatment of burns may range from a single visit to the primary care physician or emergency room, to long term care at a burn treatment center. Naturally, pain and suffering is commensurate with the length and type of treatment, as well the type of burn(s) diagnosed.

The experiences of most personal injury lawyers (regarding burn cases) is limited to burns caused by the deployment of air bags. Attorney Roger Gelb has experience handling all types of burn cases. Call your personal injury lawyer, Roger Gelb, right away.