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Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Washington, D.C. Lawyer Advocating for Injured Individuals and Families

Car accidents remain a leading cause of injuries throughout the nation. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions can leave individuals in severe physical pain, with life-altering disabilities. Careless or aggressive drivers, or those who fail to exercise a reasonable amount of caution, may be held accountable for causing a collision. Injured victims can file a personal injury claim in order to recover compensation for their harm. At Gelb & Gelb, we strive to maximize the amount of damages our clients receive from at-fault parties by pursuing costs for past, present, and future medical needs. Accident victims may require ongoing physical rehabilitation, modifications to their home, and other costs that must be accounted for in a complete damages calculation. For decades, dedicated Washington, D.C. car accident attorney Roger Gelb has focused his legal practice on advocating on behalf of injured victims. Whether you or a loved one are suffering due to minor injuries or more catastrophic harm, we can potentially help. Our goal is to provide effective legal representation so that you can focus on your recovery. Attorney Gelb is recognized as a leading personal injury lawyer in the area, and has recovered over one hundred million dollars for accident victims injured by the negligent or careless acts of others. He represents clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Common Injuries Sustained by Car Accident Victims

The momentum of a moving vehicle means that upon colliding, vehicle occupants remain in motion until restrained by a seatbelt, airbag, or the structure of the vehicle. Unrestrained passengers, unfortunately, may be violently thrown around the vehicle, and even ejected. Injuries suffered in car accidents range from minor cuts and scrapes to debilitating harm. These injuries affect the amount and type of compensatory damages that can be recovered by successful personal injury plaintiffs.

Injuries suffered in a car accident typically fall into one of two categories: impact or penetrating. Impact injuries result when the victim’s body strikes the car, while penetrating injuries are caused by an object penetrating the victim’s body. Monetary damages recovered by a successful plaintiff in a personal injury claim are intended to place the victim in the position they would be in had the accident not occurred. In most cases, these damages cover medical bills, repair fees for property damage, and lost wages. It is important to understand that setting forth a true claim for damages is essential; anticipating future medical costs can help alleviate the financial burden caused by an accident. A skilled lawyer can help assess costs and the potential need for medical evaluation and testimony, if necessary.

Head injuries are a common type of injury caused by a car accident. Although these types of injuries range in severity, they can potentially permanently alter the victim’s life. In a high speed collision, for example, a victim’s head may strike the steering wheel or the side window. Not only can this cause cuts and bruises, but it can also likely result in internal brain damage.

The sudden impact caused in a car accident can result in limb injuries as well, such as broken bones and shattered joints. The limited space within a passenger vehicle means that upon sudden impact, accident victims may be thrown against doors, or strike their body against the front seats or dashboard. In very serious cases, injured limbs may require amputation.

Soft tissue injuries, including whiplash and neck and back pain, are common injuries in car accidents. When the muscles and ligaments are forcefully stretched, an individual is likely to suffer pain. Whiplash affects the tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and is often associated with rear-end collisions, although this type of harm may be endured in any situation in which the victim’s neck moves rapidly back and forth.

Permanent scarring and disfigurement may also result from injuries sustained in serious collisions. Often, these affect an accident victim’s physical and emotional well-being, as they may suffer from being unable to return to their former quality of life. This kind of injury tends to be lifelong, and carry the devastating effect of being physical and emotional in nature.

Seek Compensation by Filing a Legal Claim for Damages

In car accident legal claims, the victim must show the fault of the defendant driver in order to recover compensation. Many car accidents are caused by driver negligence. Negligent driving takes a variety of forms, including failing to obey traffic regulations, driving aggressively, or texting while behind the wheel. For all negligence legal claims, the plaintiff victim must set forth evidence that supports this legal theory.

A successful negligence suit results when the plaintiff shows the four elements of this claim: duty, breach, causation, and damages. Negligence is not necessarily intentional. The duty element refers to the fact that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to drive reasonably, obeying traffic laws and remaining in control of the vehicle.

The element of breach in the context of a negligence claim refers to a breached duty of care, which can result from a variety of behaviors including speeding, aggressive driving, and failing to yield, for example. Evidence in the form of witness statements, police records, and property damage may be relied upon to support a finding of a breached duty of care.

The third element of a negligence claim is causation, which includes setting forth evidence that the defendant's actions directly caused the plaintiff's harm. It must also have been reasonably foreseeable that the defendant’s actions would lead to the plaintiff's harm.

Finally, the plaintiff sets forth their damages resulting from the accident. Property damage, medical expenses for treatment and rehabilitation, and emotional pain are damages that may be recovered by a successful plaintiff in a negligence lawsuit. Additionally, costs associated with accident injuries that prevented the victim from returning to work may be recouped in a legal claim.

Vehicle Collision Lawyer Assisting Accident Victims Throughout Washington, D.C.

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, skilled personal injury lawyer Roger Gelb may be able to help. Mr. Gelb and the team at Gelb & Gelb can provide efficient legal representation that helps you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled. Attorney Gelb is prepared to set forth your claim in a manner that accounts for your current and future medical needs. Our office takes pride in helping clients maintain direct client communication with Mr. Gelb so that they remain aware of the status of their case and receive answers to any outstanding questions. We represent people and their families throughout Washinton, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. To contact our office and begin the process of asserting your legal rights, call (202) 331-7227 or contact us online.

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