Daycare Injuries

When a young loved one is entrusted to the care of a daycare facility, it is particularly upsetting to learn of an injury to that minor child due to the negligence of the daycare provider. Often, in this situation, the child is very young, and typically not yet able to verbalize why they were injured. Thus, these types of claims typically require forensic evidence to support the claim, plus common sense. A great example is a case handled successfully by attorney Roger Gelb; in this particular case, a very young child, was taken to a day care facility in no apparent distress - not crying and not fussy in any way. A few hours after the child was dropped off, the parents were called and asked to pick up the child because the baby was crying uncontrollably. Because, even after rescuing the young child, the crying continued non-stop, the parents wisely brought the child to the pediatrician. The doctor examined the baby and discovered the crying became more intense when the doctor touched one of the baby's legs. The pediatrician ordered the child to be taken to the emergency room, where a fractured leg was diagnosed.

The biggest hurdle in these claims, other than dealing with a plaintiff that often can't communicate, is actually insurance coverage for the daycare facility. Often these providers are uninsured and unlicensed, and are simply run out of someone's home. Without insurance coverage, making a recovery on these cases is challenging.

As in all personal injury cases, it is imperative to contact an experienced personal injury attorney, such as Roger K. Gelb, immediately.