Dog Bites

Suffering a dog bite is not only physically damaging (and may involve significant scarring and vaccinations), but it can also create severe emotional damage. These types of claims may have significant value. Typically, the claim is made against the owner of the dog. Any judgment or settlement obtained is usually paid by a homeowner's insurance policy, or renter's policy (in the case of a dog owned by a private person); business insurance may cover the loss, if the dog is owned by a business entity.

Certain dog breeds are specifically excluded from coverage under some policies. Whether the exclusion is applicable to a particular loss may have to be litigated, in addition to liability.

Liability may be contested if the plaintiff could be considered contributorily negligent, or was an unauthorized, uninvited visitor on the grounds where the dog was secured.

Because these claims often result in scarring, the length of time to conclude the claim may be longer than other negligence cases. It is necessary to see how the scar heals, to know the extent of any permanency.

Again, it is critical to contact a qualified, experienced, personal injury attorney, such as Roger Gelb, immediately.