Driverless Cars and Technology

Seemingly whenever I pick up a newspaper, or watch the television news, there is a story about how close we are to having driverless cars on the road. Close is a relative term, but most experts agree that we will be sharing the roads with driverless vehicles sooner rather than later. The technology is now available, although not necessarily perfected. Will there be accidents with driverless vehicles? It seems that there would likely be some, at least as long as the other vehicle involved is operated by a human. Could two driverless vehicles collide? If so, who would a claimant look to for reimbursement of any property damage and/or medical expenses? That’s of course where personal injury attorneys, like myself, come into play.

What makes me nervous is that when there is an accident between driverless vehicles, and there will be, how difficult will it be for the victim (the owner of the damaged vehicle and/or it’s occupant) to prove negligence, and how expensive will that be? Would it be necessary for the claimant to hire an expert to examine both vehicles (or potentially more) to render an opinion? Such experts now typically charge thousands of dollars to examine a vehicle. Will that be worthwhile in most cases?

There are a lot of questions to be sure, and few answers yet. More on this subject as technology warrants.