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Head-On Collisions

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer for Injured Victims in Washington, D.C.

Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles moving in opposite directions hit one another. While rare, these types of collisions occur throughout the Washington, D.C. area can lead to serious injuries and even death. There are many causes for these types of crashes, including reckless driving such as speeding or driving while drunk. If you or a loved one has been injured in a head-on collision, Washington D.C. car accident attorney Roger Gelb can help. At Gelb & Gelb, we have handled thousands of injury cases, and maintain an intimate knowledge of the methods necessary to pursue maximum compensation for injured individuals and their families. It is our goal to help accident victims and their families secure prompt and fair compensation for their injuries and suffering, and we have secured numerous case outcomes in the millions of dollars. Gelb & Gelb is recognized as one of the leading injury firms in the area, and our clients deal directly with Attorney Gelb throughout their cases. We represent people in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

Setting Forth a Strong Claim for Full Damages Following a Head-On Collision

Protecting and enforcing your rights following a head-on collision is important. Not only will a successful legal claim help to ensure that you recover damages to cover medical costs, property damage, and missed wages from work due to injuries, but compensation can help relieve the emotional distress that accompanies a crash. For personal injury claims following an auto collision, the first step is usually for the victim to show negligence or recklessness on the part of the other driver.

Proving negligence requires setting forth evidence of a duty of care, breach, causation, and damages. Drivers are required to meet a duty of care when operating their vehicle. This includes avoiding foreseeable risks of harm to others on the road, including other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. When a driver exhibits negligent behavior, such as texting behind the wheel or failing to follow traffic rules, their conduct may be deemed to have breached their duty of care.

Causation is necessary to a personal injury claim because the at-fault driver cannot be held responsible unless their conduct directly led to the victim’s harm. The force associated with a head-on crash may cause cars to shift into different positions than they were in upon impact. It can help to examine skid marks on the road or rely on accident reconstruction experts to help assess who was at fault.

Finally, as the last step in a personal injury claim following a vehicle crash, the victim sets forth their quantified costs associated with the accident. Maintaining all receipts, medical bills, and documented costs can help injured individuals recover the full amount that they are owed. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible for all accident-related harm, especially for injuries that may not be immediately apparent, such as neck and spine pain.

Unfortunately, the injuries that follow head-on collisions may be severe, including brain trauma, broken bones, and disfigurement. Costs for future medical bills may be recovered, as there may be residual pain that requires physical therapy. Pain and suffering damages may also be appropriate following a head-on collision.

Wrongful Death Claims Arising from Vehicle Accidents

If a head-on collision leads to a wrongful death, a claim may be brought by close family members or those dependent on the decedent. The types of damages typically recovered in these cases include funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and out-of-pocket medical expenses. In situations where the victim does not suffer an immediate death, a survival action may be available. Medical testimony is often required to meet the legal requirement of showing that within a certain degree of certainty, the victim suffered conscious pain and suffering. A wrongful death or survival action can be handled by a skilled D.C. area lawyer familiar with the legal requirements and statutes of limitations associated with these claims.

Consult a Car Accident Attorney in Washington, D.C.

The reality following an accident is that insurance companies prefer to pay small settlements in order to maintain their high profits, even if this means the victim is not properly compensated after a crash. For this reason, seasoned vehicle collision lawyer Roger Gelb works to minimize the delays and maximize the payout by the insurance companies involved in your accident. Individuals seeking an attorney to assist with their legal claim following a vehicle crash can contact Gelb & Gelb, P.C. to setup a free consultation. We can be reached by calling 202-331-7227 or online, and we work with clients throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia.

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