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Infections From Dog Bites

Lawyer Helping Animal Attack Victims in Washington, D.C.

Despite the high occurrence of dog bites injuries throughout Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas, many victims are unclear regarding their legal options following an animal attack. The severity of harm from a dog bite ranges from minor wounds to permanent scarring, as well as loss of limbs from infection, and even death. Washington, D.C. dog bite attorney Roger Gelb is prepared to investigate all facts surrounding an animal attack in order to seek maximum compensation for injured individuals and their families. At Gelb & Gelb, we assist people throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Attorney Gelb’s recognition in the personal injury field rests upon his ability to efficiently and effectively assert the rights of accident victims. Mr. Gelb personally handles all legal matters in the office, and has secured over $100,000,000 in damages and settlements representing thousands of clients.

Recover Legal Compensation for Infections From a Dog Bite Attack

Despite the legal variances between states concerning liability for a dog bite, negligent dog owners will typically be responsible if they failed to prevent foreseeable harm. This failure may be based on an inability to control their dog, for example. When a dog owner does not meet the level of care required by the circumstances, and as a result, the victim suffers harm, there may be a strong claim for negligence. The defendant would then be responsible for costs associated with the attack, including payment for medical treatment of injuries and infection from dog bites.

To pursue a personal injury claim after a dog bite, the plaintiff victim must show that a duty of care was breached and that this breach directly led to their harm. Evidence that shows a breached duty of care takes many forms, including witness statements, photographs from the scene of the animal attack, and police written reports. Negligence may be alleged against the dog owner, and it can also be asserted against a landlord or a business.

Dog owners are required to keep their animal under sufficient control such that they can prevent harm to other people. When an animal is tied to a chair outside a restaurant, the owner may be deemed to have breached a duty of care. The judge or jury will assess the facts surrounding the dog bite, and factors such as whether the animal had a propensity to bite will be important. Negligence per se may be appropriate when a specific law was violated that was intended to protect the victim.

In certain situations it can be more challenging to determine liability following a dog bite attack. An attack by a stray dog poses the issue of pet ownership. The location of an injury can also affect legal fault. A homeowner, for example, may have taken out homeowner’s liability insurance which will cover damages. The law also mandates that in locations open to the public, such as supermarkets, property owners may be at-fault. There may be exceptions, especially for situations involving a dog that was on the premises illegally. A dedicated injury lawyer can help you navigate these complexities.

Damages for Infections Resulting from Dog Bites

Dog bite victims who successfully prove fault and causation will then set forth all damages resulting from the animal attack. Infection is a complication that arises from a dog bite, and can lead to loss of use of body parts, as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering. Dog bite injuries are unique in that there are complications that may only be spread from a bite. Rabies is rare, but included as a possibility because it is transferred through the saliva of an infected animal.

The costs that may be recovered by a dog bite victim in a successful negligence claim include payment for medical treatment as well as less quantitative costs, such as the emotional suffering endured. Infections from dog bites can require ongoing medical care and prescription medication. Those victims who suffer an infection that leads to nerve damage or loss of a limb may not be able to return to their former vocation. Recovery of costs for vocational retraining may be possibleas well.

Discuss the Details of Your Dog Bite Claim with a Washington, D.C. Attorney

In addition the physical issues that accompany a dog bite, victims often face mounting medical bills and time away from work. The emotional impact of a dog bite can lead to ongoing trauma. As a skilled dog bite lawyer, Roger Gelb will work with you to help you pursue fair compensation for your harm. Our office provides a free consultation and can be reached by calling 202-331-7227 or through our online form. We represent people and families throughout VA, MD, and Washington, D.C.

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