Metro Accidents

Claims against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (usually referred to simply as "Metro") range from claims against the company for the negligence of their bus drivers, to claims against the company for the negligence of their train conductors, and many other claims in between. Attorney Roger Gelb has handled claims against Metro for (i) smoke inhalation, when his client was held captive on a stopped train, while there was fire and smoke in the immediate area of the car, (ii) train derailment, and (iii) driver negligence (very common).

Although the evidence is purely anecdotal, it is the experience of Gelb & Gelb, P.C., and many other lawyers in the plaintiff's bar, that resolving a claim amicably with Metro is exceedingly unusual. In most instances, a lawsuit must be filed in order to make a recovery. Often, there is no offer of settlement even cases with extremely clear liability.

As with other personal injury claims, it is imperative that you contact a recognized, experienced, accident lawyer to handle your claim against Metro. Call attorney Roger Gelb today.