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Scarring From Dog Bites

Attorney for Injured Individuals in Washington, D.C. and Nearby Communities

Dog bite attacks can lead to severe harm, rendering victims scarred both physically and emotionally. Even after a period of healing, individuals suffering from a dog bite may require ongoing medical care as well as psychological counseling or treatment. At Gelb & Gelb, we understand that securing the compensation you deserve after an animal attack can help you focus on your recovery. Washington, D.C. dog bite lawyer Roger Gelb strives to recover damages for clients hurt by a negligent or careless dog owner, as well as other parties that may be legally at fault. While working on your case, Mr. Gelb remains available for client contact as he personally attends to all client representation in the firm. Our office has helped to recover more than one hundred million dollars in compensation for those wrongfully injured by others, and we are prepared to assist with your claim. Attorney Gelb proudly serves people in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Dog Bite Attack Victims May Pursue Monetary Compensation

Generally, dog bite legal claims proceed under a negligence principle, asserting that the defendant failed to meet a required level of care, which directly led to injuries and harm. Those responsible for the animal, such as the dog owner, may have breached their duty of care to avoid foreseeable harm to others. If a victim is injured as a direct result of the dog owner acting or failing to act in a reasonable manner, then the victim may have a successful claim for compensation.

Negligence per se may also apply to hold a defendant legally responsible for harm caused in a dog attack. When a defendant violates a law or ordinance enacted to protect a group, and a member of that group is harmed, the defendant may be liable. For instance, the majority of schools forbid dogs on their grounds during school hours in order to provide for the safety of students. If a dog owner violates this law by bringing an off-leash dog to campus, and a student is injured in a dog bite attack, the owner may be at fault according to negligence per se.

For all negligence claims following a dog bite attack, specific factors regarding the attack and the injury dictate the value of a case. It is important to assess the circumstances that led to the dog attack, and whether the victim suffered infection or other injuries, aside from scarring. A skilled dog bite lawyer can help to determine the best course of action based on your circumstances.

Monetary Damages for Victims Suffering Scarring From a Dog Bite

After a dog bite victim successfully establishes liability for their injuries, they will set forth their damages as the final element of a negligence claim. Depending on the severity of the dog bite, victims can suffer severe scars, ranging in size and location. The age of the victim, their surgeries, and their future need for care will affect the amount of damages.

Scarring from dog bites can require surgery, including plastic surgery as well as physical rehabilitation, depending on whether the scar led to nerve damage. Damages that may be secured in a successful negligence claim include the costs of past surgery, future corrective surgery, and hospital stays. Income from work missed due to dog bite injuries may also be recovered.

The impact of a dog bite injury does not disappear after healing. Victims often endure ongoing emotional suffering due to their changed appearance, and physical discomfort. Damages in a successful legal claim are intended to fully compensate the injured individual, and this includes compensation for a decreased quality of life. Quantifying these costs can prove challenging, and an experienced injury attorney can help.

Dedicated Washington, D.C. Lawyer Available to Help with Your Dog Bite Claim

Following a dog bite injury, victims may face challenges as they pursue damages relating to the accident. Some insurers may deem surgery required for scarring from dog bites as cosmetic, and deny medical costs. An experienced dog bite attorney such as Roger Gelb is knowledgeable regarding how to set forth a strong claim for maximum compensation. Our office will work to help you pursue all costs associated with your dog bite injury, including any surgery required to address scarring. To better understand how to hold negligent parties accountable for your dog bite injury, contact our office by phone at 202-331-7227 or online. We help people throughout the areas of Washington, D.C., VA, and MD.

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