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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

The Cost

The most important thing to remember when considering whether or not to hire Gelb & Gelb is that you pay nothing unless you are financially compensated. This is known as what's called a contingent fee. We go through this in greater detail here. But in short, if you do make a recovery, then 1/3 of the gross recovery goes towards attorney fees, so long as the case settles before trial. However, if your case does go to trial, in order to account for the additional cost as well as the additional time, our fee goes up to 40%. If it is found that there will be no financial compensation for pain and suffering, it is of no cost to you.

The Increased Profits for You

Almost always, the plaintiff will see a higher recovery, even after paying his/her attorney fees. One thing you see over many decades is that the insurance companies have no problem taking advantage over someone who doesn't know how to negotiate properly. First off, if an insurance company knows it's going up against someone without representation, it'll likely use that as leverage when making an offer. This can result in thousands of dollars that could've ended up in your pocket still on the table. An experienced attorney is able to squeeze every penny out of the insurance companies. We understand that your damages extend beyond the physical damages such as broken bones. With most cases, neck and spine soreness is a major problem and pain and suffering can last a life time.


With all the information on this website about what to do in case of an accident, you wouldn't go into your case completely clueless without representation. However, there are so many different factors that go into a case that it can become very confusing if you don't have a plethora of experience. Following an incident that results in injuries, you're going to have a lot to handle and likely no clear place to start. On top of recovering from your injuries, you're going to have to deal with insurance companies that are going to try to trick you into contradicting yourself and foiling your case. Or, they may tell you your case isn't worth pursuing; whatever they can say to damage your case, they will. If they do end up making you an offer, there's a good chance you're not getting the best offer you deserve and you may end up losing out on thousands of dollars. An attorney that has gone through this process thousands of times knows exactly how much your case is worth (after your medical treatment is over) and how to negotiate settlements with different insurance companies. Additionally, your lawyer will advise you on how to respond when the insurance companies inevitably talk to you about your accident.


After any type of major injury, it's typical for the victim to feel overwhelmed. On top of your daily schedule, you now have to deal with, insurance companies, doctors, recovery, possible mental repercussions from your injury, stress and more. It can be very easy for insurance companies to sense this confusion and willingness for the whole process to be over and will surely take advantage of it. As assistive as the insurance companies may seem, they're still businesses trying to maximize their profits. It can be very helpful to have someone that has gone through the process thousands of times to communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf, connect you with a trusted doctor that we know personally, and deal with most of the paperwork. Additionally, you'll likely have a handful of questions that we'll happily answer for you to ensure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible.

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It's imperative that you call to discuss your case with an experienced attorney to discuss your options. D.C., Maryland, and Virginia attorney Roger Gelb and his firm have represented over 10,000 clients and have recovered in excess of $100,000,000.00 (one hundred millions dollars) since its founding in 1954. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Client Reviews
Roger Gelb was extremely communicative and delivered a recovery that exceeded my expectations! Brian G.
From my very first telephone conversation with Roger Gelb to close-out of my case, Mr. Gelb was personable, informative, reassuring, and professional... Ann J.
Amazing experience, Roger Gelb took care of everything for me!!! Within three months I received my settlement check... Amie