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Speeding Accidents

Washington, D.C. Vehicle Collision Attorney for Injured Individuals

Speeding related accidents continue to represent a large percentage of vehicle collisions annually. The faster a vehicle is moving, generally, the more severe the crash in terms of property damage and physical injuries. Throughout Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas, speeding violations may lead to collisions when a driver exceeds the posted limit, or when they fail to reduce speed to address changing weather or road conditions. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a crash caused by a speeding driver, a seasoned Washington, D.C. car accident lawyer can represent you as you assert your legal rights. At Gelb & Gelb, P.C., we have helped over 10,000 clients throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., after they have suffered due to the negligent or careless acts of others. Attorney Roger Gelb’s legal accomplishments have earned him recognition as a leading Washington, D.C. attorney for injured individuals. By personally handling all cases and directly communicating with clients, Roger Gelb is prepared to explain your legal rights, and to protect those rights in court. Attorney Gelb and the team at Gelb & Gelb have secured more than one hundred million dollars in compensation for clients.

Proving Liability After a Speeding Accident

In order to successfully recover compensation for harm suffered in a vehicle accident, most injured individuals assert that the negligence of the other driver caused the crash. Negligence is the legal term for failure to use due care, as required by the circumstances. Speeding is a violation of traffic law, and there are different ways that a speeding violation may lead to a crash. Some cases involve a driver accelerating above the posted limit, losing control of their vehicle and posing risk to others on the road. Other speeding accidents are due to the driver’s failure to reduce their speed when appropriate. For example, if icy road conditions require reduced speed, and the at-fault driver continues to operate their vehicle at the maximum posted limit, they are failing to use due care. If their conduct directly leads to a head-on collision, for example, the driver may be held liable for any resulting damages.

Proving liability for a speeding accident requires that the victim plaintiff set forth evidence showing the defendant’s conduct led to the vehicle crash. This evidence may take the form of witness statements, property damage to the vehicle, and if necessary, the use of expert testimony. When negligence is asserted, the victim demonstrates the defendant driver breached their duty of care, and that this breach caused the accident and damages. As the final step, plaintiffs will set forth their costs. These costs include both economic and non-economic damages and can encompass both past expenses as well as those the victim expects to incur in the future due to the accident.


Economic damages that may be recovered by a plaintiff in a personal injury claim are tangible, and can be easily quantified. These damages include medical costs, lost wages, property damage, and lost earning capacity. Speeding accidents tend to result in serious injuries, and the victim may qualify for compensation that accounts for future costs of medical treatment such as physical therapy and medications. Proving future medical costs may require expert testimony, which is often provided by the victim’s treating physician.

Injuries suffered in speeding accidents can range from minor cuts and scrapes to catastrophic harm, including death. In most cases, car accident injuries are either impact injuries or penetrating injuries. Impact injuries occur when the victim has struck part of the car. Penetrating injuries occur when an object enters the victim’s body. Short-term treatment may help some injuries, while others require ongoing medical care and procedures that greatly affect the victim’s life. The type and amount of compensation a victim may be entitled to is directly related to their injuries.

Non-economic damages may include emotional anguish, pain, loss of enjoyment of activities, and worsening of prior injuries. Particularly after catastrophic injuries, individuals may suffer non-economic damages. Compensation to address loss of joy in living is likely appropriate. In some situations, injured individuals may be unable to return to activities they formerly enjoyed. This may be the case if an individual suffered a brain or spinal injury.

One important rule for all injured individuals seeking compensation through a personal injury claim is to abide by the statute of limitations. The law requires that legal claims for damages be filed within a specific time period, for example, Washington D.C. requires that claims be filed within two years from the date of the injury. After this period of time, the claim will typically be barred.

Discuss Your Car Accident Claim with a Washington, D.C. Lawyer

Car accident attorney Roger Gelb can assist you as you navigate the legal process to seek full and fair compensation from the driver that caused your speeding accident or the death of a loved one. Mr. Gelb’s experience and capability has led to his position as a forefront personal injury lawyer in the D.C. area. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office online or by calling (202) 331-7227. We can help you assess your next steps, as well as provide information on your legal obligations under the specific circumstances of your car accident. Attorney Gelb helps people in need of a motor vehicle collision lawyer throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

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