Sports Injuries

Attorney Roger Gelb has three boys, all of whom have participated in athletics at every level.  Mr. Gelb has seen first-hand negligence associated with amateur sporting events.  The following is a list of potential claims available:

- negligence of a school or private athletic trainer

- negligence of a coach or athletic club for: (a) practicing in unsafe conditions (e.g., when it's too hot, or too dark), (b) forcing an injured player to practice, (c) for berating athletes, and (d) allowing or compelling a player to participate when their skill level is not up to part with the other players

- negligence of a field operator for the hazardous condition of the field

- negligently designed safety equipment, or negligence for allowing the use of obsolete, ill-fitting or defective equipment

The above are just examples of potential claims.  Naturally, it is imperative to discuss your particular case with a seasoned personal injury lawyer, like Roger Gelb.  Please call 202-331-7227 at your earliest convenience.