The Advantages of Retaining a Small Law Firm After a Car Accident

If a potential client retains our firm, I will absolutely be completely involved in the case, from start to finish. I’m always available by phone or e-mail. I return all calls and e-mails the day I get them, as long as I get them before 5pm.

At a large law firm, I’m certain a lawyer won’t handle the claim. It will be a Legal Assistant. A Legal Assistant is not even a Paralegal–in other words, they have no qualifications other than being called a ‘Legal Assistant’. They are there to assist the lawyer. And they can’t give legal advice.

A Legal Assistant is typically the person who would handle the claim at a large firm. A Secretary may also do it, somebody who just gathers the documents and sort of directs the file. The lawyer wouldn’t be involved unless the case doesn’t settle.

The advantage of a small firm like mine is having me involved. I am the one who makes all of the effort on behalf of the client. I contact the adverse carrier, I do the PIP claim (medical payment claim) if it is involved in that particular case, I handle the property damage claim, whatever is necessary and appropriate, I do.