What to do After an Automobile Accident: Part One

After an accident, the most important thing for anyone to do is to get information about the other driver. It’s not so important to get a police report. A lot of people think they have to get the police–”let’s wait and not move our cars”, but move over, get out of the way of traffic, and exchange information.

If the other driver is uncooperative, make sure you get the tag number from their vehicle, because a lawyer can get a lot of important information from the tag number. They can get the name and address of the owner, their insurance information through the state Motor Vehicle Administration, so that’s the most important piece of information to get.

When you exchange information, ideally, you want to get a driver’s license, their name and address, and their insurance card if possible.

It’s conceivable that the insurance information that you are given isn’t going to be valid. That happens more than you would think, but it’s not a problem. As long as you have coverage on your car, you’re covered for the loss.

A police report would be nice, but it’s not important. It’s not necessary. As a matter of fact, a police report is not even admissible evidence in most cases because it’s here say. Unless the police officer is a witness to the accident, they are just writing down what everyone says, so we don’t really concern ourselves too much with that.