What to do After an Automobile Accident: Part Two

You may not realize it right away, but in most cases, people don’t start feeling pain until the next day. So the insurance companies love to get a hold of the people who were in the accident that are not at fault, get their statement right away, and ask “Are you injured in this accident?” You say “No. I’m doing fine.”, but you’re going to wake up the next day sore. And that always comes back to haunt you.

So you NEVER want to talk to the insurance carrier until the next day. If you’re not hurt, wonderful, you can resolve the property damage claim directly with the carrier. But it’s always a good idea to talk to a lawyer either the next day, or ideally the same day of the accident at least to get some more information.

You have a lot of options available including first party medical coverage–meaning on your own policy, you have the property damage issue to be resolved, and a lot of other things you may need guidance with. And then, if you are going to pursue the claim, and you want to talk to a lawyer about it, the lawyer would help you as far as whether or not it is necessary to get follow up medical care and, if it is, maybe the lawyer can refer you to someone.